Oilfield Survival Guide, Volume One: For All Oilfield Situations
by: Matthew J. Hatami
publisher: Oilfield Books, LLC, published: 2017-01-02
ASIN: 069281308X
EAN: 9780692813089
sales rank: 1359038
price: $24.95 (new)
The ultimate guide for all oilfield situations. Any job, any location. 
● Tactics ● Procedures ● Fatalities ● Short Stories ● Train Wrecks ●  Disaster Avoidance ● Court Cases ● Life Savings Skills ● Checklists ● Troubleshooting ● Problem Job Prevention ●

Mistakes in the oil and gas business can cost millions of dollars, in addition to injury and loss of life. Oilfield Survival Guide is the ultimate resource to help manage oilfield risk and avoid mistakes by increasing your oil and gas knowledge and intelligence, utilizing a variety of methods, including:

Tactics: Short and to the point guidelines to reduce risk and instill principles of oilfield survival.

Short Stories: Experience from the mistakes of others.

Fatalities: Detailed analysis of oilfield tragedies.

Court Cases: Jury trials, expert witness testimony, and legal opinions on a variety of oil and gas cases.

Procedures: Step-by-step process to create oilfield procedures and checklists, along with multiple examples.

Operations Analysis: Oilfield operations post-mortem, highlighting key learnings, practical knowledge, useful tips, and best practices.

Over 1,000 incidents analyzed to create Oilfield Survival Guide.
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Oilfield Safety Training- Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Types of PPE that keeps you safe while working in oil and gas industry and their importance
published: 2017-04-04
ASIN: B06Y227M7F
Working in an oilfield or related to oil and gas industry domain is always not easy, especially the working environment, adverse weather conditions, physically challenging jobs, long working hours and workplace hazards had made this even worse.
People are often excited about working in oil and gas industry because of high paid salaries and work-holiday rotations, but they are not aware of various conditions they will be exposed while working.
So it is highly advisable to have knowledge on the safety culture practises in the industry and it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the same.
Working safely, making safety as priority and analysing the hazards before starting the work will almost minimize the occurrence of incidents and accidents.
Many oilfield major accidents like Deepwater Horizon Blowout, Piper ALPHA, BP Oil Spill and others would have been prevented.
Analyse your workplace HAZARDS
Make CONTROLS in place
Health, Safety and Environment should be the driving force for each and every employee in Oilfield or any other work area. Safety related incidents are daily happening all over the world and making working a painful activity. It’s our responsibility to consider safety as a primary responsibility and minimize the outcome of the incidents, and if possible to prevent this safety related accidents.
So to prevent the incidents there is a need to learn about safety, design safety program, foresee the incidents, learn from previous mistakes and implement proper safety plan.
In order to prevent an incident to occur the following pattern would be implemented.
PPE is Personal Protective Equipment which helps us to minimize hazards effects on employees.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is anything used or worn by a person to minimize risk to the person's health or safety and includes a wide range of clothing and safety equipment. PPE includes boots, face masks, hard hats, ear plugs, respirators, gloves, safety harnesses, high visibility clothing etc.
•Hard Hat to protect HEAD
•Safety Glass to protect EYES
•Ear plugs/ Ear muffs to protect EARS
•Coverall/Body Vest to protect BODY
•Safety Shoes to protect TOES/FINGERS
•Hand gloves to protect HANDS/FINGERS
The type of PPE to be used will be highly depend on the job, so the term appropriate PPE is used to describe the PPE required for a particular job.