Oilfield Survival Guide, Volume One: For All Oilfield Situations
by: Matthew J. Hatami
publisher: Oilfield Books, LLC, published: 2017-01-02
ASIN: 069281308X
EAN: 9780692813089
sales rank: 1153007
price: $24.95 (new)
The ultimate guide for all oilfield situations. Any job, any location. 
● Tactics ● Procedures ● Fatalities ● Short Stories ● Train Wrecks ●  Disaster Avoidance ● Court Cases ● Life Savings Skills ● Checklists ● Troubleshooting ● Problem Job Prevention ●

Mistakes in the oil and gas business can cost millions of dollars, in addition to injury and loss of life. Oilfield Survival Guide is the ultimate resource to help manage oilfield risk and avoid mistakes by increasing your oil and gas knowledge and intelligence, utilizing a variety of methods, including:

Tactics: Short and to the point guidelines to reduce risk and instill principles of oilfield survival.

Short Stories: Experience from the mistakes of others.

Fatalities: Detailed analysis of oilfield tragedies.

Court Cases: Jury trials, expert witness testimony, and legal opinions on a variety of oil and gas cases.

Procedures: Step-by-step process to create oilfield procedures and checklists, along with multiple examples.

Operations Analysis: Oilfield operations post-mortem, highlighting key learnings, practical knowledge, useful tips, and best practices.

Over 1,000 incidents analyzed to create Oilfield Survival Guide.
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Dri Duck 3200 Wildlife Series Brushed Cotton Cap, Oil Field & Grey
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- 100% cotton, brushed twill - Structured, six-panel, mid-profile - Pre-curved visor - Velcro closure
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Oil Field Trash Roughneck Tales From The Rig Floor
by: Greig Grey
publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, published: 2015-12-04
ASIN: 1518896138
EAN: 9781518896132
sales rank: 280691
price: $12.86 (new), $15.36 (used)
The stories in this book chronicle my eight year career working as a roughneck in the Michigan oil fields. I broke out in the boom year of 1981, when 4,500 drilling rigs were roaring and boring across this Great Nation. Nearly everyone (and their parrots) chanted "This boom is here to stay," or "It's different this time." Or both. I have to admit that I bit on that bait, although sage veterans warned me to sock away some of that cash. "What the hell do they know?" I muttered as I handed a clerk $800 for a pair of Justin full quill ostrich cowboy boots. But that glorious boom evaporated when crude plummeted in 1986. Iron got stacked, wages were cut, and those goofy old vets had sure wizened up in five years.

Below is an except from my book:"Rig 4 shipped off to Hartland in October 1984 to drill a well for a poor boy operation. Nobody had heard of the company; five letters followed by LLC. It was on the outskirts of town, a quarter mile east of the Big Boy restaurant.We had no sooner picked up the kelly and started boring the rat hole when a dozen cars pulled onto the location. A mob flocked towards the rig floor, flash bulbs popping. I sprinted to the bottom doghouse and grabbed my 12 gauge double barrel from my locker. I plugged two number four birdshot into the chambers and filled my pockets with a dozen more. I snapped the action shut with one hand, hustling up the rig floor stairs."I knew it... Just a matter of time," I shouted to Spider, as I reached the floor. "It's the Green Peace freaks! They're finally gonna try and pull something. Hang a banner on the derrick or deface it... Not on my watch. I just got through painting it!"Charlie stormed out of the top doghouse. "Hold your fire man! They're investors."I released the side-by-side hammers and lowered the coach gun to my waist. "Investors...?"

There are some really great books regarding oil drilling but I couldn't find anything that broke down the real roughneck aspect of the trade. So I figured that it was high time that our story was told. Twenty-five years after my last tour, here they are: nine unvarnished, foot on the gas stories, detailing the dry holes, the wild wells, and the wilder nights!
OilField Wives
by: B. Potter
published: 2017-01-28
sales rank: 437737
Deep in South Louisiana there can be found a rare breed of woman, the OilField Wife. Caroline, Olivia, Momma Del, Jocelyn and Lorelai were such women and they had found each other. With their husbands being gone for weeks and months at a time, these ladies have to learn how to lean on each other through all of life's ups and downs. Whether it be unruly children, loneliness, an affair or the dangers of the job, they find that there's nothing that a bottle of wine with friends can't fix.
At the heart of this story lies the undeniable truth that we are stronger when we build each other up and carry each others burdens then when we tear one another apart.
Oilfield Cowboy
publisher: CD Baby, published: 2008-06-24
EAN: 0634479829055
sales rank: 68463
price: $9.99 (new), $7.85 (used)
Oilfield Cowboy by Wes St. Jon

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Oil Field Career
publisher: Cool App Zone
price: $0.00 (new)
Oil Rig FRAME 4x6 Horizontal Picture Frame
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