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Oilfield Video site
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Gulf Publishing Company
Publisher and Distributer of Resources for the Energy sector
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Kaiphone Technology Co., ltd
product details
http://www.kaiphone.com/ - Rate it - Details -

Windlass Oilfield Equipments Manufacturer
Windlass Engineers and Services is manufacturing a wide range of oil field equipments. Our facilities are located on over 10 acres with manufacturing area of 60,000 sq ft that house state-of-the-art manufacturing processes manned by a highly qualified, motivated and experienced team. Our Product range include BOP Control Units, High Pressure Test Units, Hydraulic Tongs and Power Units, Hammer Unions, Ring Joint Gaskets, API Flanges, Tees, Crosses, Choke and Kill Manifolds, Cement and Stand Pipe Manifolds, Steel Hose Assemblies, Pup Joints and crossovers, PLC Based Control Panel, Diverter Control Panels.
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oilfield bearing
http://www.zwlxj.com/ - Rate it - Details -

oil and gas
oil and gas
http://www.kiteenergyllc.com/ - Rate it - Details -

Oil Filed Warehouse \& Services
Oil \& gas focused material management company in the Indian sub-continent
http://www.ows.net.in/ - Rate it - Details -

Leading BOP Testing Company
K \& K Energy Services is a leading BOP and Energy Services Company.
http://SaveRigTime.com/ - Rate it - Details -

Stack lift and BOP Testing Experts
Stack lifts and related BOP testing equipment
http://stacklift.com/ - Rate it - Details -